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Tahu Brontak/Tahu Isi (Fried stuffed tofu)

The most popular Fried Tofu in Indonesia.
Filled with Bean Sprouts, Carrots and Cabbage.


is an Indonesian meatball soup dish. Usually served with noodles (egg or rice vermicelli), vegetables, tofu, cabbage, bean sprouts, fried shallots and warm broth. What does bakso taste like? Bakso tasted savory. Most Indonesian people like sweet, fresh and a little bit spicy taste bakso soup, so they usually will add kecap manis (sweetsoy sauce), a tiny amount of sambal, vinegar and mix it before eating.


Tempe Mendoan

Made from thin tempeh, fried with flour so as to taste deliciously piquant. Traditionally in the Banyumas territory, tempe mendoan was made from thin and wide tempeh. De Reiskocher will serve it with sweet soy sauce and chili for the spicy lovers

About De'Reiskocher

De Reiskocher was opened for the first time on 23rd of August 2020, as the first Indonesian food truck in Luxembourg. It has been a dream of Tita and Sylvain to present authentic Indonesian food with a touch of Luxembourgish taste.
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